“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

We want to be the first and last software company you call because we have served you and our Lord well with every given opportunity. We understand that our partnership with you is built on trust. So we build software solutions that will work for a long time.

Our Core Values

Honor Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We work primarily for God; not for our customers.  We seek to honor and please Him in all that we do.  He sets our goals and our priorities. As a by-product, we should serve our customers and partners with excellence. 

Be a Servant

Others are more important than ourselves.  We work relentlessly to serve our customers and partners with servant hearts and to their benefit.  We’re here to serve.  Our goal is to help our business partners and customers have successful organizations.  We desire to help them anyway that we can.  This sometimes includes working with “competitors” who we actually view as team members and colleagues with whom we share having our customers’ best interests at heart. 

Be Trustworthy – Build Trust – Be Honest – Have Integrity

To the point that we’re comfortable standing in front of Jesus Christ with all that we say and do, with the goal of honoring Him and building trusting relationships with others.

Be User-friendly

We’re careful to speak to our customers at their level, whether that be to a very technical CIO or to a CEO looking out for ROI or to a very non-technical user and to build solutions that meet their unique needs.

Build Solutions that Work

We are careful to build excellent solutions that work well for all stakeholders.  Depending on the need, sometimes we work with bleeding edge technologies while at other times we work with more proven technologies.  The bottom-line is that we use what will work best for our customers, not for us.

Value Others

We also recognize that every person, each team member and partner has been uniquely gifted by God with experiences and expertise and that when we come together, the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

God Provides – Be a Good Steward

God provides all that we ever need. He owns everything. We are called to be good stewards of all that He has entrusted to us. This includes “our” time and “our” talents, and “our” treasures. It also includes our relationships with others and even balance within “our” lives. Our Heavenly Father created Sabbath rest for a reason. We value that reason and seek to do our part to ensure that all of our team members and customers can achieve balance in their lives. We are called to be a good steward and also to help others in this as well.

Our Services

Business application development

Software design

Database architecture

Software development

Website development

Mobile application development (iOS and Android)

Cloud-based application development

Application Integration

API design and development

Business Intelligence Solutions


One-on-One Training

Supplemental expertise for in-house IT staff